Episode 5

Pause Break returns with a vengeance! Well, maybe not a vengeance. More like slight disgruntlement. In this episode, we discuss all sorts of vidjagames! Like Gears of War, Fez, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft and the obligatory mention of Mass Effect. We also talk about the E3 press conferences and how everyone except Ubisoft pretty much dropped the ball.

Bear in mind, we drop a couple of spoilers during this episode, so if you want to avoid them, make sure to mark the times where we discuss them:

Mass Effect: 3:23 - 5:23

Fez: 17:09 - 22:30

We also gave a shout out to Michael Corrigan and his Let’s Plays with Nic. Be sure to check ‘em out here!

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Until next time…

Fez Review

I could simply point out that any game named after my favourite headwear gets my seal of approval and then clock out.  But Fez deserves more than that.  What we have here is one of the most unique and enchanting puzzle-platformers in recent memory.  Not to mention one of the most challenging.  No matter what you might think of the creator, what he has created is, for the most part, a marvellous experience.

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Just Thought I’d Drop By…

…and leave this here.

You’re welcome.

People Still Like Minecraft

Who knew?

So, within hours of the release of Minecraft on Xbox Live Arcade, it was not only profitable but broke all previous sales records for the platform, with over 400,000 downloads in the first day. And that’s despite being - if I’m not mistaken - the priciest XBLA game to date at 1600 MS Points. Which I guess proves Activision’s point in overcharging for Call of Duty’s map packs; if something is popular enough, it doesn’t matter how large the number on the price tag is.

But I digress. Yesterday, I decided to join the mob after downloading the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition trial. My first few hours with the game were well-documented but since then I had not returned, mainly because it had failed to hook me but also because it had changed so much, with new modes and new mechanics I couldn’t bring myself to wrap my head around. The port, however, is more resemblant of the state the game was in when I started playing, though the word is that it will brought up to date further down the line (you wouldn’t want to disappoint those 400,000 consumers, after all).

This will probably surprise no-one but already I prefer playing Minecraft on the console than on the PC. But not for the reasons you probably think. 

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A Week With… League of Legends - Day 7

I’d like to begin this instalment with a short visual presentation:

Moving on…

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A Week With… League of Legends - Day 6


I think I might be getting really invested in this.

Strangely, I came to this revelation about League of Legends in the wake of a defeat. It wasn’t a blowout but it wasn’t a close call either. Respectable stats on both sides, the other team’s were just slightly better. All that mattered to me were the three numbers next to my name on the overview screen.

8. 6. 1.

Eight kills, six deaths, one assist. After an utterly shambolic performance yesterday, I suddenly found myself with a winning record. And I felt pretty chuffed.

Therefore, I am placing the blame for that incident squarely on the shoulders of my cohorts Craig and Caithan. Quit holding me back, guys. Honestly.

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A Week With… League of Legends - Day 5

Since yesterday saw an unscheduled intermission (I was tired), I made up for it tonight by playing two matches. Although my session threatened to finish before it had even started. While waiting to begin a co-op vs. AI match, and waiting several years for one player to connect, my ping suddenly sky-rocketed and I found myself back at my desktop. After trying several times just to get back into the client, I eventually made it and found myself in the same game I’d initially joined. So nice of them to save a spot for me.

By now, it’s pretty clear that Summoner’s Rift is really the only map in the game. It’s the only one available for co-op vs. AI games and outside of that no-one seems to care for the others. I honestly don’t see where the lasting appeal lies in a single map, but I guess 11 million people can’t be wrong…

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A Week With… League of Legends - Day 4

Ready to put last night’s unpleasant events behind me, tonight’s session of League of Legends begins with a rendezvous on Skype. My lackey tonight is Craig, a relative newcomer to LoL himself but with weeks more experience than me. So, I guess that makes me the lackey. Disgruntled face.

Together, we leap into a co-op versus AI match on Summoner’s Rift, the same map I’ve been playing on before. Why the repetition? Complaint #4: League of Legends has only four maps. Many more are still to come, apparently, but have yet to materialise. Until then…

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A Week With… League of Legends - Day 3

Control is a really understated feature in games, I feel. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s the most important feature. It’s the conduit between the player and the plaything, yet in most people’s eyes it takes a back seat to the fidelity of the graphics or the breadth of the game’s content. If I don’t feel like I’m in complete control of what happens on screen, I tend not to enjoy myself. It’s what frustrates me about games I otherwise really like, such as Street Fighter and NBA 2K. Think about first-time players, too. If the controls don’t make a good first impression, they become disconnected, disinterested and disheartened before they can adjust.

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A Week With… League of Legends - Day 2

Last time, we outlined LoL’s premise, rules and basic gameplay. Now let’s talk about progression. What fills the RPG quota of this RTS-RPG?

After logging in, I swing past my summoner profile; since I’ve yet to participate in any real matches, I have no statistics to speak of. It is here that I start to piece together the game’s monetary system. Outside of battle, LoL has two currencies: Riot Points and Influence Points (in battle, gold is the only currency). IP are earned for simply playing the game, ranking up etc. RP are purchased with real money. Both of these currencies can be used to unlock champions and other items, though some things can only be purchased with RP.

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